MENASASI Middle East and North Africa Society of Air Safety Investigators

The Crash of One-Two-GO Airlines Flight 269


Robert Baron, Ph.D

The Aviation Consulting Group


The Crash of One-Two-GO Airlines Flight 269

The Etiology of a Preventable Accident


On 16 September 2007, at approximately 14:30 hours, an airplane MD-82 of One-Two-GO Airlines Company Limited (One-Two-GO), nationality and registration HS-OMG, departed from Don Mueang International Airport to Phuket International Airport on a domestic flight OG 269 with 130 crewmembers and passengers onboard.

At 15:40:10 hours, while conducting a go-around at Phuket International Airport, the airplane veered off and hit an embankment located north of Runway 27, broke up in flames, and was completely destroyed. As a result, 90 crew members and passengers died, 26 were seriously injured, and 14 suffered minor injuries.

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