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Tuesday 07 November - Pre Seminar Workshop

Training: (Investigation Management)

David Miller

Investigation Management Training

David Miller

Chief Executive at SabreWing Consultancy Limited, Former AAIB Chief

David Miller is the Chief Executive at SabreWing Consultancy Limited with responsibility for Aviation Safety Investigation, Management, Support and Training.

Prior to establishing Sabreing Consultancy, David was the Chief and Deputy Chief Inspector at the UK’s Air Accident Investigation Branch where he worked for 26 years before retiring in February 2017. 

Previously he was a training Captain with Air Europe and before that he was, for 17 years, a military pilot in the Royal Air Force.  He has been rated on the B767, B757, B737, Airbus A300-600, Citation C550 and Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter.

He joined Air Accidents Investigation Branch in 1991 and has been involved in over 500 accident and serious incident investigations in the UK as well as investigations in Europe, North America, the Caribbean and the Arctic Circle.  As the Chief Inspector he was responsible for the day-to-day management of aircraft accident investigation in the UK, its overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.

He holds an honours degree in Environmental Science has been trained in Strategic Command Crisis Management, the Analysis of Human Factors in Aviation Safety and Quality Management for Airline Operations.


His professional interests focus on Aircraft Accident Investigation management and his current projects include assisting the Saudi Arabia Aviation Investigation Bureau develop their operating manual and developing aircraft accident investigation capabilities in Thailand.

He has served as the UK representative at meetings of the European Commission, the European Civil Aviation Conference, the European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities and the ICAO Accident Investigation Panel.



Sidney Hawkins

Accident Site Safety Training

Sid Hawkins

Chief Executive at Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd , Former  AAIB safety Specialist

Joined the AAIB, UK in 1993 as the Engineering Support and H&S Manager.  Established arrangements for the safety management of operations at air accident sites/investigation facilities, and deployed to air accident sites as the H&S and engineering support co-ordinator. 

Conducted/co-ordinated research for AAIB and Working Groups (CAA, MoD, etc.) on occupational safety/hazardous materials hazards in air accident investigation/emergency response. Member of the ICAO H&S Study Group (Circular 315-Hazards at Air Accident Sites).

Visiting lecturer at Cranfield University and guest speaker at national/international seminars.  Retired from the AAIB in February 2017 and established Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd.



Conclusion and Closing Remarks by Jurgen Whyte 

Wednesday 08 November – Seminar Day 1

Marcus Costa

ICAO, Annex 13 Development

Frank Del Gandio

Chief, Accident Investigation Section, ICAO

Marcus began his safety career as a Flight Safety Officer in 1981 with the Brazilian Air Force, where he was a flight instructor and involved with operational and maintenance related safety matters. In 1985.

Upon graduating from the University of Southern California’s Flight Safety Officers Course in the U.S., he was assigned to the CENIPA (Brazilian Safety Centre) where he was a senior  faculty member for 19 years, and held numerous positions including Chief, Training Division (in charge of safety investigation courses), and Chief, Research and Analysis Division, where investigation Final Reports were produced.

Marcus also chaired the working group that developed the “Program for Assistance of Relatives of Air Accident Victims” and the Brazilian Confidential Safety Reporting System. He was a member of the Aviation Safety Committee of the Airlines’ Union and a qualified civil aviation inspector.

He took his Master’s degree in aviation safety with the Central Missouri State University, USA, from 1992 to 1994. Later on, Marcus was appointed Deputy Chief of CENIPA, and Chairman of the National Committee for Accident Prevention. Subsequently, Marcus was Chief of CENIPA from Feb 2002 to Feb 2004.

He then decided for an early retirement from the Brazilian Air Force to continue his safety career. After working as safety adviser with INFRAERO (Airport Authority of Brazil), Marcus joined ICAO as Chief, Accident Investigation Section in Nov 2004.




Frank Del Gandio

Welcome and (Highlights of Last ISASI Seminar)

Frank Del Gandio

President, ISASI


Frank Del Gandio is owner and President of Legend Aviation Services.  Frank retired from the Federal Aviation Administration (USA) after 37 years of service, of which 31 years were in the Office of Accident Investigation.  He served as the FAA Investigator-in-charge on 45 major aircraft accidents.  

He also served as the Program Manager of the FAA accident investigation school at the Transportation Safety Institute in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where he was instrumental in completely updating the courses, introducing new courses, and opening the courses to the public. 

Frank originally started with the FAA as a Flight Standards inspector.  He served as an air carrier inspector for five years and one year in general aviation.

He is presently the President of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, a position he has held for 20 years.

Frank’s expertise is in maintenance and investigation; however, he has a diversified background in aviation.   He is a certified commercial pilot, flight instructor, aircraft mechanic (A&P), ground instructor, flight engineer (turbo jet), and parachute rigger.


Frank’s expertise is in maintenance and investigation; however, he has a diversified background in aviation.   He is a certified commercial pilot, flight instructor, aircraft mechanic (A&P), ground instructor, flight engineer (turbo jet), and parachute rigger.

Frank was in the New Jersey Air National Guard and retired with 33 years of service at the rank of Colonel.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Masters of Business Administration in Public Administration from Central Michigan University.

Session One : Discussion Panel on Investigation Organization moderated by Ibrahim Al Koshy

Mashhoor Al Blowi

ICAO MID, Regional AIG and Safety Activities

Mashhoor Al Blowi

ICAO MID Safety Officer

Eng. Mashhor Alblowi is the Senior ICAO Officer at the ICAO MID Regional Office in Cairo.   He is responsible for the Flight Safety domain in the Middle East Region. 
Prior to his assignment in the Middle East Region in 2012, he worked at the ICAO HQ in Montreal in various positions since 2007, starting with the Air Navigation Bureau (ANB), supporting ICAO’s operations and airworthiness programmes. 

In 2009, he joined the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP), managing portfolios of Member States in the Middle East Region.

Mashhoor leads the ICAO USOAP Missions to States. Mashhor assists Member States in meeting their obligations to comply with the international standards; and conducts trainings, workshops and assistance missions. In 2011, Mashhor got another assignment with the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB), managing technical assistance projects in the Middle East and Europe regions. 

Prior to joining ICAO in 2007, Mashhoor worked for the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) supporting the establishment and operations of the airworthiness engineering division.  Mashhor also worked for the industry managing various civil and military programmes related to aircraft overhauls and maintenance. 


Jurgen Whyte

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The Search and Recovery of Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue 116

Jurgen Whyte

Chief AAIU, Ireland

 Jurgen has over 40 years’ experience in aviation as a Pilot and an air accident investigator. He joined the Irish Air Corps of the Irish Defence Forces in 1976 and served as an operational, instructional and rating examiner pilot on both single and twin-engined fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft.  

He held the positions of Officer Commanding: Helicopter School, Naval Support Squadron and Search and Rescue Squadron, before retiring from the military flying service in 1995 at the rank of Commandant.

 He joined the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) at the Irish Department of Transport in June 1995, as an Inspector of Air Accidents. 


In 1997, he was appointed as a technical expert to the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in Montreal, Canada and served for a period of 3 years, representing a common delegation of 6 European states and was the Chairman of the Working Group on Procedural matters.  

 In 2004, he was appointed Chief Inspector of Air Accidents (Ireland) and continues to hold that position. 



Jurgen has just completed a 6-year term as Chairman of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Group of Experts on Accident Investigation (ACC) and is presently the deputy chairman of the European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities (ENCASIA), a Board Member of the Irish Marine Casualty Investigation Board (MCIB) and a member of the ICAO AIGPanel. 




Investigations Conducted by AIB of Morocco: Case studies

Jamal Louzi

Investigator, Flight Operations and Human Factors, MAIB

JAMALEDDINE LOUZI is investigator and technical adviser at Bureau d’Enquête et Analyse of Morocco  with responsibility of  technical and organizational support.

Retired in 2016 Jamaleddine LOUZI  occupied several operational and management positions in Moroccan national airline, first as First officer then Captain instructor and examiner, security and human factors instructor, flight OPS quality safety and security manager, corporate Safety Manager, corporate VP general and legal affairs, General Manger of RAM Express airline.

He received his PPA (Pilote Professionnel Avion France); (PP1 & ATPL from Ecole National des Pilotes de Ligneprofessional interests focus on safety, aviation security & operational Quality, Human Factors &Threat and Error Management.

Contributed in IOSA program as flight OPS and flight Dispatch task force as active member, contributed in ICAO USAP (Universal Security Audit Program) as international AVSEC auditor, recently joined MENA ISASI.





Abdulrahman Seddiq

State Safety Program,  The link with Investigations

abdulrahman Seddiq

Manager Safety Program, General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)

Abdulrahman Seddiq is the Manager Safety Program at the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), Saudi Arabia, with a responsibility for implementing Saudi Arabia’s State Safety Program (SSP) and the acceptance of its service providers’ Safety Management Systems (SMS).

Prior to joining GACA in 2014, Abdulrahman Seddiq worked as an Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic specialized in power plant recovery on wide and narrow body fleets of the Saudi Arabian Airlines between the years 2000 and 2009.

Mr. Seddiq has a decent training record as an aircraft maintenance technician and received his Bachelor‘s and Master’s degrees in Aviation Science and International Transportation Management from Eastern Michigan University and State University of New York, United States, between the years 2009 and 2014.

Mr. Seddiq’s professional interests focus on Aviation System Safety, Optimization, and Air Transport. His current projects include the establishment and implementation of Saudi Arabia’s SSP and the development of the national Acceptable Levels of Safety Performance (ALoSP). In addition, he has served as Chair, Aviation Inventions Assessment Committee as well as a member in several Aviation Violation Investigation Committees within GACA.



Session Two : Discussion Panel on Lesson Learnt moderated by Salah Mudara


Thursday 09 November – Seminar Day 2

Dominic Welch

Bird Strike Analysis and 3D CT Scanning

Dominic Welch

Specialist Investigator, Rolls Royce

Dominic Welch is the Specialist Air Safety Investigation Engineer at Rolls-Royce Plc. with responsibility for Managing State Safety Investigations into Rolls-Royce Civil and Military Aerospace products.

He has worked at Rolls-Royce for 15 years. During this time he has held a number of roles including Chief Service Engineer for the Adour turbofan engine and Chief Development Engineer for a range of military engines.

Dominic Welch has studied air accident investigation at Cranfield University, UK, he holds an engineering degree, is a chartered engineer and a member of the UK Institute of MEChanical Engineering (IMECHE).




Andreas Mateou

Just Culture” – A fundamental pillar in maintaining and further enhancing Aviation Safety

Andeas Mateou

Andreas Meteou, Chief Pilot,FlyNas

Dr. Captain Andreas Mateou since 2015, is the Chief Pilot of Flynas, a dynamic and rapidly expanding Saudi Arabia airline.

From 2012-2015 was working with the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority as Flight Operations Inspector and was the Principle Inspector for Air Arabia. He served as a member of the ICAO Flight operation Panel and is currently and member of the Euro Control Just Culture Task force, the Flight Safety Foundation and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

He was with Cyprus Airways for 27 and has served as an A320 TRI/TRE and was the airlines Head of Flight Safety FDM and Emergency Response program manager and has more than 18000 FH experience.

He is a trained accident Investigator and an expert in SMS Risk Management and Quality management system. He is a fully qualified IOSA auditor.

He was with Cyprus Airways for 27 and has served as an A320 TRI/TRE and was the airlines Head of Flight Safety FDM and Emergency Response program manager and has more than 18000 FH experience. He is a trained accident Investigator and an expert in SMS Risk Management and Quality management system. He is a fully qualified IOSA auditor. 


Dr. Captain Mateou has an LLB Law Degree from the University of London, a Master in Aviation Management from the University of New South Wales and a Doctorate from the UK University of Middlesex. His doctoral thesis examined the effect of criminalization in aviation safety and the Intermingling of air accident investigation and the judicial process.

He is the co – author of the book published by Asgate publications UK in 2010 “Flying in the Face of Criminalization”.

Dr. Captain has participated in a number of high profile litigation cases as an Aviation Lawyer and expert witness.

He has been teaching Law at the University of Nicosia, he was visiting lecturer at the Universities of Cranfield UK and currently his teaching at UAE Emirates Aviation University at the Master in Aviation Safety and MBA Aviation Managements programs. He has presented papers in many international safety and Air Law conferences.


Thamir Alkhuwaiter

Utilizing FDM for Investigation

Thamir Alkuwaitir

VP Safety & Quality
Saudi Arabian Airlines


Capt. Thamer AlKhuwaitir is the VP Safety, Aviation security and Quality at Saudi Arabian Airlines with responsibility for Airlines Safety Aviation Security and Quality

Joined Saudi Arabian Airlines in 1999 as a First Officer on the Boeing 737S/C, later advanced to the A300 and B777 Aircraft, Initial Captain Type Rating on E170-190, then A320.

A member of the Flight Safety Department since March 2004 as Flight Safety Specialist and later as Senior Specialist; With a training background in Safety Investigation and Safety Management Systems by University of Southern California and Flight Data Monitoring from University of Cranfield.

Member of: Saudia Safety Accident and Incident Investigation Team Fatigue Risk Management Implementation group

  • Technical Advisor to AIB
  • Achievements / Appointments: Introduced Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) to Saudi Arabian Airlines in 2010.  Head of the FDM team, within Flight Safety department 2011-2016. VP SSQ  MAY 2017 to Present 
  • RAM (Royal Air Maroc) 2000-2003
  • Languages:     Fluent in Arabic, English and German






Mike Dravitzki

Underwater search and retrieval: MH370



Regional Director Middle East


Mike Dravitzki, Fugro Regional Director, Middle East & India

Mike holds a Master’s Degree in Marine Geology and worked in coastal research for a New Zealand University before working offshore as a Party Chief/Geophysicist in the North Sea, Middle East & Australia.

In 1993 he moved onshore, initially as Operations Manager in Abu Dhabi, and then held various senior management roles in Cairo, Aberdeen & Houston before returning to Abu Dhabi in 2005.

His current role of Regional Director in Fugro covers all Marine activities in the Middle East, India & Caspian. Fugro operate four owned vessels, forty ROV’s and twenty Air Diving spreads across the MEI region with approximately 1,000 staff.

Mike is also the Chairman of the Middle East section of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).




Ismail Kashkash

Introduction to Memory Access Retrieval System (MARS)



Director, Engineering Lab
Aviation Investigation Bureau


Ismail Kashkash is the Director of Engineering Lab at KSA Aviation Investigation Bureau with responsibility for upgrading the flight recorder lab and setting up and running the first investigation lab in Saudi Arabia. 

Prior to joining AIB, Ismail worked for over two decades in Aviation maintenance production management at Saudi Airlines then as a freelance MRO consultant with a number of international companies including, INTERVISTAS, TROYAVI, and ACE-TRUMP.

A certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational excellence from American Society of Quality, and certified six sigma black belt Mentor and practitioner. 
Attended a number of Accident investigation training courses at Cranfield University and Southern California Safety Institute. 

Ismail Kashkash received associate degree in Avionics from Spartan College of Aeronautics, and Bachelor of Art in Business Administration – Systems track from Open University.


Discussion Panel on Investigation Tools & Techniques moderated by David Miller



Mbarek Lafkir

Coordination between the IIC and the judicial authorities



Head of MAIB



MBAREK LFAKIR is a Head of air accident investigation Bureau of Morocco (Bureau d’Enquête et Analyse of Morocco) since 2008.

Since 1996 Mbarek LFAKIR occupied several operational and management positions Civil Aviation Authority, first as all he were a chief of aircraft operations service from 1999 to 2005; and Chief of aircraft airworthiness service from 2004 to 2006 and Chief of search and rescue from 2007 to 2008.

He received a Master of Science in engineering, Aviation Radio Communication field from Riga technological university of Civil Aviation in Latvia from 1998 to 1994)

  • 2007: Aircraft accident investigation basic certificate –ENAC-Toulouse
  • 2011: Aircraft accident investigation course “ Fixed win” - IFSA –Paris
  • 2012 : Accident Investigation, communication & Management certificate – BEA – Rabat
  • Accident Investigation Techniques & Management certificate from SAA “Singapore Aviation Academy”)

At October 30, 2016, He has succefull compled the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programm CMA Activities Training in the area of AIG and in January 2016, he successful interview session for the aircraft accident and incident investigation audit area under the USOAP Progamme



Glenn White



Glenn White

Senior Technical Investigator, Aviation Investigation Bureau


Glenn G. White, the Senior Technical Investigator for the Aviation Investigation Bureau of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with responsibility for performing serious incident and accident investigations and advising and training his extended family of AIB Saudi co-workers with responsibility of  technical and organizational support.

Prior to joining the Aviation Investigation Bureau, he was an Aviation Safety Inspector at the United States Federal Aviation Administration for more than 25 years. His responsibilities included performing a multitude of varied tasks that included certification and oversight activities for airman, air carriers, certificated repair stations, aircraft accident investigations and performing specialized investigations.

These specialized investigations included criminal activity in illegal charter operations, Suspected Unapproved Parts and inappropriate airworthiness activities.

Prior to joining United States Federal Aviation Administration, he was employed by several air carriers working in various roles performing aircraft and powerplant maintenance and inspections. He has been employed in aviation activities for more than 48 years. 

He has received numerous formal training opportunities, with the bulk of the exceptional training being received while employed by the United States Federal Aviation Administration.

The resources, experience and career opportunities provided to him as an Aviation Safety Inspector were vast.

These experiences prepared him to deal with almost any challenge in aviation. He loves being involved in aviation activities. He has never gone to "work" a day in his life as he considers professional challenges a hobby and a passion and only hopes to transfer his specialized knowledge and experience to others.




Ibrahim Al Koshy

Developing Effective Recommendations 



Chief Operating Officer, Saudi Arabian Airlines


Captain. Ibrahim S. Koshy is the Chief Operating Officer at Saudi Arabian Airlines with responsibility for all operational divisions in the airline (Saudi Arabian Airlines Operations).  with responsibility of  technical and organizational support.

Prior to his assignment as COO at Saudi Arabian Airlines, Captain. Ibrahim S. Koshy was the Vice President of Safety, AVSEC & Quality at Saudi Arabian Airlines. Capt Koshy was the Director General of the Aviation Investigation Bureau of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 2012 - 2016.

Captain Koshy has experience as an IATA Lead Auditor, auditing airlines under the IATA/IOSA program since 2011 and has held various mid-level management posts in the Flight Operations Division of Saudi Arabian Airlines. 

  • MSc (student) in Safety and Accident Investigation Air Transport (Candidate)- Cranfield
  • University, Cranfield, United Kingdom, 2014 – 2017;
  • B.Sc. Aeronautical Science Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1985 – 1989;
  • Certificate of Emphasis in Aviation Safety – Center for Aerospace Safety Education,
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, Arizona, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
  • University 1989;
  • Investigating Human Performance – Cranfield University 9 March 2015 – 13 March
  • Certified Safety Management Investigator (SMS) – Aviation Quality Services,
  • December 2014;
  • IOSA Auditor Currency Training (Recurrent Training) 2015/2014/2013/2012;
  • Lead Auditor Currency Training (Recurrent Training) – 2015/2014/2013;
  • Human Factors in Accident Investigation – Southern California Safety Institute
  • November 2014;
  • Aircraft Accident Investigation – Southern California Safety Institute February 2014;
  • Aircraft Accident Investigation – Cranfield University, 2014;
  • IOSA-Auditor Training Course – IATA, May 2010;
  • Aviation Safety Inspector – Operations (International) Federal Aviation
  • Administration, March 2003;
Capt. Ibrahim S Koshy serves as Member of the Board of MENASI, A member of the Board of the Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) and chairs the SANS Safety committee reporting to the Board.


Discussion Panel on Safety Promotion moderated by Marcus Costa