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ISASI Update - November 2018


ISASI Executive Office Incumbents Retain Seats

The Ballot Certification Chairman and Nominating Committee Chairman certified the election of the 2018 Executive Officers, U.S. Councilor, and the International Councilor. Those elected for a two year term are as follows: President, Frank Del Gandio; Vice President , Ron Schleede; Secretary, Chad Balentine; Treasurer Robert (Bob) MacIntosh; U. S. Councilor, Eugene (Toby) Carroll, Jr.; and International Councilor, Caj Frostell. All were incumbents and were returned to their positions.

ISASI 2018 ‘Truly International’

President Frank Del Gandio characterized ISASI 2018 as “…truly international” citing the record setting 46 countries represented at the Society’s annual Accident Investigation and Prevention Seminar. Barbara Dunn, ISASI’s Seminar Chairperson added that the overall programs were exceptionally well received by all 287 attendees, including 33 companions.

President Del Gandio added that the support provided by General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE for the event held in Dubai Oct 29-Nov 2 was evident in the well orchestrated event which included a day of tutorials attended by 103 and an optional tour day, attended by 50.
He noted that attendees expressed pleasure with the seminar’s venue as it permitted opportunity for more outdoor activity encouraging interaction among them. He concluded; “ISASI 2018 proved to be an exceptional platform for the discussion of The Future of Aircraft Accident Investigation.”

Plans are underway for ISASI 2019 - September 1-6 at The Hague. Its Theme: “Future Safety: Has The Past Become Irrelevant?”

Capt. M.A. Aziz Receives Lederer Award

ISASI’s 2018 Lederer award was presented to Capt. Mohammad A, Aziz (Middle East Airlines, Ret.) for his efforts to establish and grow MENASASI and a lifetime spent to improve aviation safety through investigation. The presentation was made before 250 attendees at the Society’s 49th annual International Accident Investigation and Prevention Seminar Awards Banquet held in Dubai, UAE, in late October.

ISASI Gains ARCM Status

Daniel Barafani, Latin America ISASI Latin America Regional President, reports that ISASI has been granted “Special Observer” status in the MG Regional Cooperation Mechanism (ARCM) of South America which has the mission of “supporting States, upon request, on all matters relating to aircraft accidents and incident investigations.” The main objective of the ARCM is to improve and achieve an appropriate level of cooperation between the countries of the SAM region, taking into account the capabilities of each State, through the respective agencies responsible for aircraft accident investigation in order to help achieve the goals set in the Declaration of Bogotá.

In its Special Observer status, ISASI can facilitate collaboration and cooperation to AIG organizations of the ARCM member States, not only in the investigation technical area but also in training and exchange of information. Member states include: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Larry Fogg Granted Life Membership

ISASI President Frank Del Gandio has granted Larry L. Fogg Life Membership status in ISASI as he meets the requirements of reaching age 70 and having paid dues for at least five years. The new status recognizes Larry as a “member in good standing for life” as he is no longer required to pay membership dues.

In a letter forwarding Larry his “Life” membership identification card, President Del Gandio wrote: “We hope you will continue to enjoy and participate in the Society’s activities. Congratulations and thank you for your support and interest in the International Society of Air Safety Investigators.”

Lederer Award Committee Seeks 2019 Nominations

The Jerome F. Lederer Awards Committee Chairman, Gale Braden, seeks new 2019 nominations. No new nominations for the award were received in 2018. “Usually we get one to three per year. Surely there are some deserving investigators among us,” Braden said. He urged ISASI members to “nominate a person or persons you believe deserves consideration for this award.”

This award, ISASI’s highest recognition for individual or group efforts to promote or improve air safety through investigations, was established in honor of Jerome F. Lederer for his many significant contributions to aviation safety during his lifetime. Each year, at the Society’s annual seminar, ISASI presents The Jerome F. Lederer Award to the winner. The award recognizes positive advancement in the art and science of air safety investigations.

To be considered for the 2019 Jerome F. Lederer Award, nominations must be received by the committee chairman on or before May 31, 2019 “The criterion for the award is quite simple,” Braden said. The Lederer Award recognizes outstanding contributions to technical excellence in accident investigation. Any member of the Society in good standing may submit nominations. The award can be given to a group of people, an organization, or an individual, and the nominee does not have to be an ISASI member.

The award may recognize a single event, a series of events, or a lifetime of achievement. The ISASI Awards Committee considers such traits as duration and persistence, standing among peers, manner and techniques of operating, and of course, achievements. The nomination letter for the Lederer Award should be limited to a single page, if not it will be edited down to one page. The nominees are considered for three years, if not selected, after a year they can be re-nominated.

This prestigious award usually results in positive publicity for the recipient, and might be beneficial in advancing a recipient’s career or standing in the community.

Nominations should be mailed, or e-mailed to the ISASI office or preferably directly to the Awards Committee Chairman, Gale E. Braden, 13805 Edmond Gardens Rd, Edmond, OK 73013 USA, or to the email address, More information can be found on the ISASI website under the Awards section:

SASI Pakistan Discusses Seminars

SASI Pakistan President Sayed Naseem Ahmed held discussions with Assistant Chief of Air Staff Air Commodore Shahid Jahangiri at the College of Aviation Safety Management (CASM) regarding the possibilities of conducting seminars and courses for PAF. The Air Commodore was also briefed on the mission, role and activities of the ISASI. He expressed appreciation for SASI Pakistan's contribution to aviation safety in Pakistan.

SASI Pakistan plans to hold its annual seminar in Lahore in December 2018 or January 2019. Speakers from the globe will be invited to share their views on safety with Pakistani delegates from civil society, aviation, rail, road and industrial safety organizations.

NZSASI Seats New Officers

The New Zealand Society of Air Safety Investigators has had a recent change of office holders. Now serving the society are: President, Graham Streatfield; Vice President, Russell Kennedy; Secretary/Treasurer, Bryan Franklin and Alister Buckingham, NZSASI Councilor.
Web site posting of the regional ANZSASI seminar to be held in June and its Call for Papers is expected to be made soon.

Articles in Upcoming ISASI Forum


  • Helicopter Accident Trends in 8 ISASI Countries—Robert Matthews, former FAA Senior Safety Analyst, Office of Accident Investigation; Rex Alexander, safety consultant, and Richard “Dick” Stone, ISASI Executive Advisor review helicopter accident data to highlight safety improvements, to suggest ongoing problem areas, and to make recommendations to continue improving helicopter flight safety.


  • Electric Air Taxis and the Adaptation of Air Safety Investigators—Nicolette R. Meyer, Kapustin Scholarship awardee from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers a preview of air traffic and air safety issues in the near future that accident investigators may face.


  • Passenger Brace Position in Aircraft Accident Investigations—Jan M Davies, Professor, University of Calgary; Martin Maurino, Technical Officer, Safety, Efficiency, and Operations, ICAO; and Jenny Yoo, Advisor to the Korea Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board and Cabin Safety Analysis Group Chair, Korea Transportation Safety Authority studied 34 NTSB accident reports from 1983 through 2015 finding that only five mentioned the brace position and one included brace position recommendations.


  • Using Data to Assess Performance of Safety Management—Nektarios Karanikas, Associate Professor of Safety & Human Factors, Aviation Academy, Faculty of Technology, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, identified positive and negative areas of safety management systems through analysis of data and discussions with organization staff.


  • The Impact of Hollywood on Accident Investigation—Dr. Katherine A. Wilson, US National Transportation Safety Board and Darren Straker, Chief Inspector of Air Accidents with the Hong Kong Air Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) examine how movies and other media that portray air accident investigations can delve into fiction for the sake of drama.


  • A Trip to the Land of Merlion—Faisal Bashir Bhura, Squadron Leader, Pakistan Air Force and Directing Staff at the College of Aviation Safety Management, PAF Base, Masoor provides a personal account about attending a fellowship training program held at the Singapore Aviation Academy.